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WD-40 is the trademark name of a water-displacing spray manufactured by the WD-40 Company based in San Diego, California.

A long time user complains about the new packaging o amazon.com, "Nothing against WD-40. But this can - it lost pressure. I used like 10% of it and no pressure in the can anymore. I have a hand pump and I used it on this. After like 5 minutes of pumping, it didn't even last for 5 minutes of use on it. Was very painful."


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Stephen Thomas says

"We ordered and paid for a table and 6 chairs months (May) ago, which we did receive; however, one of the chairs had two right legs (they're not interchangeable with the left) so we informed the company and asked for a left chair leg replacement. Immediately, the spokesperson argued that they're interchangeable and eventually agreed with us after we sent side by side pictures of them along with a left chair leg. We were told that they would be sent by August, which was still a long time to wait for a product that we PAID for and expected to use, immediately. We've since had 3 family events, which was mostly the purpose for purchasing the table and chairs, but we're still waiting and no one will return any messages or contact us now. I cannot express how disappointed I am with this company and their customer service. They have failed to provide a complete product (as advertised) that we've paid for in May and expected to use as intended. Never again. Unbelievable!!"

Ashley Pinedo says

"I placed an order April 2020. Given circumstances, I was understanding when they weren't able to meet the promised delivery time of 4-6 weeks. It's been 4 months and not ONCE has this company reached out to me to give me an update on my purchased product. Which, mind you I spent about 3K on so it wasn't a small investment. It's become a routine to call them every Monday or Tuesday to ask about an update to get a representative that sees my order, places me on hold, to inform me it'll be another couple days and they aren't sure why. I would not recommend any one to purchase large items from here. I could have spent an extra $500 at retail store for my furniture, received it promptly and have saved myself 4 MONTHS of anger and stress over this."

atul sabnis says

"Hi, I ordered Sofa on July 26th. Since then there is no status update. I made 8 phone calls to customer service and they ALL went to voice message. Is this a fraud site? Atul I received a call from Mr. Andrew and he told me you wrote a nasty review. He won't care even if I have made 20 calls they are busy He was asking me if I don't want to business with them. And before I could answer he hung up on me. I tried calling back but he wont pick up my phone. Ay this point I don't know the status of my order."

chuck says

"Bad service I ordered furniture over 3 months ago it Nerver came I was told it was on back order and will receive my merchandise in aug I wake up one morning see a credit back to my account with no explanation of why my furniture Nerver arrived this company is shady stay far away from them you will be disappointed"

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